Since my graduation in 1994 from Ontario college of art, there has been a nagging voice in my head. The head of the fine arts program said to me months before I finished, that it was "now time for you to unlearn the past 4 years, de-institutionlize yourself and rediscover why you liked art and what was unique about you when you entered school"

I have been on this journey of self and artistic discovery for 20 years now, looking at artwork all over the world and creating diverse and wholly different bodies of artwork in different mediums.

Art is nothing more than playing, coming to an honest place with your work and with yourself.

I have read various tomes on art and theory, and all that sticks is play, discovery and play again, through this we get to something truthful, perhaps not beautiful, not happy but true.

And 20 years later, I'm still trying to get there.

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Artist CV
Selected Exhibitions

November 2019, Small Cures, Art Fundraiser for Cancer, Toronto.

July 2019, Drawing Lines, Jet Fuel, Toronto.
November 2016, Codex Parliament, Jet Fuel, Toronto.
July 2016, Jan’s Jackets, Rooster Coffee, Toronto.

July 2016, The Hero, Beset on All Sides, Volta Espresso, Toronto.

February 2015, Beyond Redemption, work-in-progress exhibition of Graphic Novel, Jet Fuel, Toronto.

May 2013 Quixtopia, Loop Gallery, Toronto

March 2013 Just My Type, #Hashtag Gallery, Toronto.

February 2013 The Artist Project, CNE, Toronto.
July 2012 CollectiveVision , Loop Gallery, Toronto
August 2011 Square Foot , AWOL Gallery, Toronto
May 2011 Life Lessons, Loop Gallery,Toronto
December 2010 Loop Christmas Group Show, LoopGallery, Toronto
October 2010 Toronto Int. Art Fair, Loop Gallery Booth, Toronto
July 2010 Manifest Dream, Loop Gallery,Toronto
Oct 2009 NuitBlanche, Cabbagetown, Toronto
Oct 2008 NuitBlanche, Cabbagetown, Toronto
May 2007 ShootToronto, the Rotunda, Toronto City Hall
Feb 2007 GrandDesign /The City, Hart House, University ofToronto
May 2005 Shadows, Contact Photographic , Toronto
July 2001 Boxed Treats, BackRoom, Spin Gallery, Toronto
Dec 2000 River, Plum Blossoms Gallery,Singapore
July 2000 Gender/Less, Spin Gallery, Toronto
June 2000 Real Man, Paul Petro ContemporaryArt, Toronto
July 1999 New Charcoal Drawings, FreudGallery, London UK
May 1999 Iconography, The Lawrence BatelyGallery, Wakefield, UK
July 1992-98 The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square, Toronto Sept. 1996 Plural Artists’ Collective, The Junction Arts Festival, Toronto

July 1998 – Aug. 1999 Masters in Fine Art Universityof Leeds, Bretton Hall, UK (conferred 2000)

Sept. 1990 – Apr. 1994 Diploma Fine Arts, A.O.C.A
OntarioCollege of Art, Toronto Sept. 1991 – Apr. 1992
OntarioCollege of Art off campus program Florence,Italy


June 2016, The Toronto Star, article on my watercolours and fashion.

Feb 22, 2015 Smoda El Pais, interview on Self-Censorship, Spanish Magazine.

Jan 22, 2015 Now Magazine, article about how artwork was being censored

Jan 2015, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, article on art show being defaced.

June 30, 2013 Le Metropolitain article in French Toronto online magazine.

June 15, 2013 Now Magazine article Quixtopia – full length feature article with photo on Loop show, rated 4’N’s.

March 14 2013 GridTO Magazine, #Hashtag Gallery
March 19 2012 Now Magazine (online) The Season in Sketches – full length feature article on my drawings from the SpringFashion Special

March 15 – 22 2012 issue Now Magazine Spring Fashion Special illustrations
May 13 2011 National Post ‘Fivethings to do’ feature selection
July 19th, 2010 BlogT.O. Review ofshow at Loop, ArtAgenda
July 2010 Toronto Life ‘Today in Toronto’ to-do-list feature selection
Feb 13, 2010, NOW Magazine (online) RemnantsThis week’s must see art.

Awards & Achievements

February 2013, VIP Art Award, The Artist Project.

March 2009 SNAP!Toronto’s Premiere Juried Photo fundraiserBest Photo Based Image

1996 Ontario Arts Council Grant member of Plural ArtistsCollective

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